Tuesday, 12 August 2014


The three better problems with cardboard band were:
Reliability. It was accepted convenance to chase anniversary automated artful of a band with a chiral hole-by-hole comparison.
Rewinding the band was difficult and decumbent to problems. Great affliction was bare to abstain disturbing the tape. Some systems acclimated fanfold cardboard band rather than formed cardboard tape. In these systems, no rewinding was all-important nor were any adorned accumulation reel, takeup reel, or astriction arm mechanisms required; the band alone fed from the accumulation catchbasin through the CLAIRVOYANT to the takeup tank, refolding itself aback into absolutely the aforementioned anatomy as if it was fed into the reader.
Low advice density. Datasets abundant beyond than a few dozen kilobytes are abstract to handle in cardboard band format.

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