Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Punched band does accept some advantageous properties:
Longevity. Although abounding alluring tapes accept attenuated over time to the point that the abstracts on them has been irretrievably lost, punched band can be apprehend abounding decades later, if acid-free cardboard or Mylar blur is used. Some cardboard can abase rapidly.
Human accessibility. The aperture patterns can be decoded visually if necessary, and broken band can be repaired (using appropriate all-hole arrangement band splices). Editing argument on a punched band was accomplished by actually acid and pasting the band with scissors, glue, or by taping over a area to awning all holes and authoritative new holes application a chiral aperture punch.
Magnetic acreage immunity. In a apparatus boutique abounding of able electric motors, the after ascendancy programs charge to survive the alluring fields generated by those motors.[7]
Ease of destruction. In the case of cryptographic keys, the inherent flammability (sometimes added by application beam paper) of cardboard band was an asset. Once the key was loaded into the device, or if it may abatement into adversary hands, the cardboard band was artlessly burned.

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